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var ccd2 - error showing var ccd1


Hi there,

I have added this script to my NewItem.aspx and it works perfectly until I want to add an additional filter. So, my script is as below:-

<script src="/depts/AssetMovement/SiteAssets/spcd.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript"> var ccd1 = new cascadeDropdowns("Asset", "Description", "Asset", "Assets", "Description0"); var ccd2 = new cascadeDropdowns("Asset", "Old Room", "Asset", "Assets", "Room"); </script> If I have just the first line, it filters as expected. If I add var ccd2 - only var ccd2 filters and not var ccd1. I tried also with an additional line var ccd3 and only this line filters.

Any ideas why it's not filtering all lines?