SPCD not working in SharePoint 2013

Jan 6, 2014 at 5:46 PM
I am trying to use SPCD in my SP 2013 site.But it is not working.

I have a list "Process Area" which has just one column.

Second list is "Sub Process Area" which has two columns- SubProcess area and Process Area.Process Area column is a look up column from list 1.

Then I have a document library which has multiple columns out of which one column has a look up to list 1-Process Area and another to list-2-Sub Process Area.

I want to filter the sub process areas in the edit form of the doc library based upon the process area I select.

I have uploaded the java script files and written the script in a content editor webpart.
I can see when the page loads, a call is going to the java script file.I tested it with an alert message.

However the sub process area drop down is populated with all the values instead of just filtered values.Also whenever I select any other value from Process Area drop down, there is no event fired.

Please advice, how I can use this in SP 2013.